Sunday, August 22, 2010

That About Sums It Up

photo by Patrick Hughes
Thank you to all the artists that participated, thank you to all the people who came to support them.  What you do matters!  In a big way, to all of us.  

Friday night we saw:
Dino Nerd -  Dan Dougherty and Hanna Hagen
Rippling Thru the Dream 5 - Adam Wallace
Tread - Julie Lohnes
Cat Pizza Greatest Hits Volume One - Amanda Schmitt and Myla Dalbesio
9-15-09-2-6-10 - Myla Dalbesio
Rippling Thru the Dream 7 - Adam Wallace
Birthstate - Myla Dalbesio
Hollywood Love Story - Luke Love
Tug of War - Julie Lohnes
Lonesome Pedals - Luke Love
Spectacle: Super Vision - Emily Monen
Rippling Thru the Dream 3 - Adam Wallace
Restless - Bird Ziegler

Special Appearance by Wunderkrafthaus

Christmas is Today - Dan Keezer

Saturday participating in PREHISTORIC:
Erin Jones
Dan Bainbridge
Malcolm A. Davis
Jeanee Hammett
Amee Pollack
Omar Elsayed
Kate Ferencz
Emily Monen
  in the permanent collection and on loan:
Greg Nanney
Julia Bean
Travis Iurato
Sarah Paulson
Glen Voskuil
Teal Gardner
Amanda Schmitt
Weston Ulfig

Saturday performing live music:

To 191 Skillman Street, all who lived there, shared times there, Emily, Arone, Julie, Kate, Will, John, Brian, Dan,...

You'll know about the next one.

Any artists that I accidentally omitted or anyone who would like their name linked to a website, filmakers (if you want a link to a youtube/vimeo), etc. Please let me know.

thank you, love,

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